The team behind saw the potential of writing for online casinos, and went ahead to establish the site with a group of bright young people. It started off as a small team of 3, and has since expanded into a team of 20 in the span of a year.

The online casino is a booming industry, and seeing how the number of players have been growing exponentially, information on online casinos has never been in demand as high as this before. By constantly staying updated on the latest news, the team plans on sharing valuable insights and information on the industry that will help both new and existing players to enjoy their time while gambling in online casinos.

From game recommendations, all the way to things to look out for while in an online casino, you can be sure that all sorts of themes will be explored in

Hi, Nancy Reyes here! I’m a freelance writer specializing in the gaming industry. I didn’t just started writing in this industry though, as I was a lifestyle writer before transitioning into writing for the gaming industry. I thought it would be a great chance to diversify my writing and learn more about other industries. Little did I know, I was on my way to establishing I’ve enjoyed my time here while learning about the industry and decided to give back to the community by creating more content to help new players out. When I’m not writing, I enjoy going out for camping trips over the summer with my husband and daughter, or cooking, I love discovering new recipes for my family to try out.
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