The different kind of games you can find in a free online casino in USA

Believe it or not, gambling is older than what most people take it to be. The history of gambling can be very engrossing. So why do people love gambling? Humans are known to be risks takers and gambling can give them the adrenaline rush they love when they are placing a bet.

These feelings would definitely be doubled when they actually win. The online gambling industry was introduced in the mid-1990s but it was in the early 2000s that online gambling was made a legitimate business.

The current online casino market is almost 46 billion US dollars in value but this figure shows no sign of slowing down. This industry is expected to grow up to 94 million in value by 2024. This is means that the online casino industry is a blooming industry. With the bloom of these industry, there is a bloom in new game providers as well. This boosted the growth of a whole new industry.

With this, many different games have been adopted into the online casino industry from the start of only poker being the most famous game of all. Out of all these games, there are few games that are more commonly found and played by everyone.


Slots are the most popular free online casino game out of the rest. This is because, many online casino game players start their journey in gambling with slot games. Slot games are known to be a good for new players to ease their way through the world of online gambling.

It is also known to be the game of luck. Therefore, this is a high appeal to new +players as they would not need to do much research before playing this game. This game also doesn’t have any complicated rules that might confuse any players. The only thing that players would need to take into account is the symbols that pays big in the slot game.

Another reason why slots could be a popular hit among online casino players are because of the various themes that slot games comes in. The varieties might breath a fresh air for players who are wants diversity.

Players are splashed with a variety of choices with slot games. In slot games, it is believed that even the pickiest person can find something that suits their taste. Many game providers started producing whacky themed slots as a solution to attract more players. This is because, game providers nowadays strive to produce something that is out of the box compared to the others.

Other than the regular slots, progressive slots are also another favourite among online casino players. This is because, progressive jackpot is known to pay a big amount of cash to the players is won. There are a few types of progressive jackpot that can be found online.

Standalone progressive slots are the older types of slots. Slots these type accumulates money from only bets placed on certain slot machine as many progressive slots features a few slot machines linked together. Even then there are still quite a number of standalone progressive slots that players can find alone.

Next is local progressive. This is the next evolution of the progressive jackpot slots. The accumulation of the local progressive slot can be from few dozen up a few hundred different slot machines. The jackpot amount could touch up to $100,000.

The last one on the list is the wide area network progressives. These types of progressive slots are one of the most popular casino game in the current market. The wide area network progressives connect and links several casinos of the same state, accumulating staggering jackpot amounts. The jackpot amount could lie somewhere in between $1 million up till $10 million.


Roulette is also another common and famous game that has attracted many online casino players. This is also the most featured casino games of all in movies. Most of the gambling related movies out there are somewhat related to roulette.

This could be a big reason why many people see roulette as the symbol of the gambling industry. Most movies that features casino has never failed to show the roulette table as the place where most of the interesting things happen at. Therefore, even though the game itself is old, it still holds and pulls players attention.

This game was initially created in the 17th century by a French math wizard who was trying to create a perpetual motion machine. It is said that even though the French takes the cake by being the originator of the game, many believes that the game was closely influenced by two similar games from Europe called the “Roly Poly” and “Even-Odd”. This two games involved spinning wheel and wagering on the outcome of the spin.

In the early days, roulette became so popular that it was adapted into 3 different variations, which is the American roulette, European roulette and the French roulette. The American roulette differs from the European and the French roulette which are similar to each other.

The American roulette has a higher house edge advantage compared to the other two variation making it the less desirable one compared to the latter. The American roulette has the house edge advantage of 5.26%. The roulette wheel consists of 36 numbers and 2 zeros’, which is the ‘0’ and the ‘00’. The European and French wheel are the same, they both have 37 numbers and one zero ‘0’.

They both also have the house edge advantage of 2.7%. There are a few rules of the French roulette that however differs slights off the European one and these rules reduces the house edge advantage of the game to 1.53%. The rules that sets this roulette aside is “En Prison” rule and the “La Partage” rule.


Texas Hold’em Poker is arguably the most popular variation of poker that’s played the most around the world. This game is so popular that many people who knows how to play poker, only knows this variation and not the others. This poker is a great place to start for anyone who wants to step into the poker territory.

Texas Hold’em Poker is a game mixed with key skills and luck and this could be the perfect combo to anything successful in life. It is said that one needs good skill, strategy tactics, mathematics, decision making ability and luck to play this game.

It is difficult to find poker tournaments around the world that doesn’t include Texas Hold’em Poker as one or rather their main tournament game. The no-limit version of this game takes the cake in almost all the main poker tournaments around the world.

This game is known to be very simple to learn but don’t let the simplicity blind you as the game possibilities is so big that the outcome can be unpredictable. It is very important to start by mastering the basic simple rules of this game.

Before Texas Hold’em Poker scored the title of the “it” game in United States, the title belonged the Seven-card stud game. With the number of players being somewhere around 2- 8, the significant differences between this variation with the one before is the card involved in the game. This variant of poker doesn’t involve a flop and in most cases the community cards.

The 2-7 Triple Draw poker is known to be one of the advanced version of poker. In this poker variation, players with the lowest hands wins. This game scared the name as the Texas Hold’em Poker alternative. This game could be a little difficult to digest at first considering the lowest hand in the game is the winner.

The 2-7 triple draw game, on other hand known as the deuce to seven triple has similar betting and table structure as the Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. It also has resembled the 5 card draw and a few other poker variants. Therefore, if one is familiar with these poker variants, they would also be able to play this poker.

Blackjack & Barracat

Blackjack has seen its own form of rise and fall during its presence. This game dates back to the mid-18th century which is similar to the emergence of many other gambling games. This game originated from France but was presented to players by the Americans.

The traditional blackjack is also called as the 21. The name 21 can literally describe this game. The traditional version of this game is very easy to play. The main objective of this game is to collect a higher card total then the dealer without going over the number 21. Therefore, the highest number, nearest to 21 would win. The perfect scenario is when a player reaches the perfect total to 21.

Barracat is the newest kid in the block that’s rising in popularity in namely United States and Asia. The history of this game traces back to Italy and France. The rise of this game is apparent when 40+ casinos in Macau released a statement stating that most of their revenue came from the game Barracat. Barracat has seen a steady rise over the pass nearly 5 decades and is expected to see more growth over the future.

There are many gambling games out there that has seen their ups and downs since their existence. But despite their rocky road, these games still saw a way through and has been embrace more by players nowadays. This is the reason why; these games are the most common casino games that could be found in US free online casino. The popularities of these games are not to be taken lightly.

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