Gambling fraud and manipulation! No, these are really no exceptions and no, they are not limited to the players. Many live casinos have already been scammed (mostly in collaboration with some players). These are only the cases in which an indictment has occurred. Since most casinos are not very interested in such negative publicity, the number of unreported cases is much larger. Not to mention the manipulations that are at the expense of the players and are never brought to a complaint. In this regard, there is even greater transparency among online providers. Thanks to attentive users and sophisticated monitoring software, the black sheep are exposed much more often. When I hear about a new incident in the live casinos I tell you about it.

So now the Esplanade casino in Hamburg. Female croupier Juliane H. (56) and Iranian casino regular Hossein E. (70) are currently on the dock in Hamburg. The prosecutor accused the defendant of fraud in four cases. According to the attachment letter, Hossein E. only made his commitment after the announcement “Nothing works anymore”. Juliane H. is said to have placed the chips of the player so skilfully that he achieved profits between 510 and 1400 euros. In total, the casino was cheated by 4710 euros.

What is special about this case is not only the relatively small amount but also the excellent reputation that Juliane H. previously had in the Hamburg casino. Until the discovery of this alleged fraud, Juliane H. was considered the good soul of the Hamburg casino. As the nickname that her colleagues gave her proves –  “Mother Theresa”. For me, this is further proof that no croupier, no matter how trustworthy, can be assumed to be playing fairly. And do not believe that a croupier who cheats at the casino will shy away from manipulating the players. In this sense, the old sentence “once a scammer – always a scammer!

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